New Year chit-chat

Well would you look at that, my merry old friends! It's going to be New Year. And that means entering an entirely new decade. ISN' T THAT EXCITING?! I mean, like, how often do we actually waltze into a decade, right? *umm, every ten years Abbie. Duh.* So, in honour of this brilliant occasion, I … Continue reading New Year chit-chat


Legacy of the Land… Armadale Castle and Gardens

The perfect way to go on holiday! Ruined castles are my absolute fave for photography, learning about history, and simply chilling in such an aesthetic place. So go ahead - delve deep into these delightful, delectable depictions. 😉 YES. Original sculpture of Greyfriars Bobby by William Brodie An ancient arrow-head found in Fiskavaig, Isle of … Continue reading Legacy of the Land… Armadale Castle and Gardens