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Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.

-Lemony Snicket

Never trust anyone who never reads.


And to be quite honest, in my mind, there are only three kinds of people in the world: those who can’t read, those who won’t read, and those that do. Welcome, readers, to my blog. πŸ™‚

My name’s Abbie, mocha-drinker, horse-rider, sesquipedalianist and all round book-lover; and together we’re going to delve into the magical world of reading, writing, culture and everything else in between. Care to join me?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this wild adventure we’re starting on. Gettin’ excited yet?

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, suggest post ideas or even just have a chat. Until next time… πŸ˜‰

summer aesthetics…

Sorry, Tolkien fans!! My review for The Fellowship of the Ring just has GOT to wait.

I know what you’re thinking: why ON EARTH should I be pausing on this topic, that is clearly bursting with awesomeness?? Well, I was inspired to write this new series of posts by one of my favourite bloggers and authors, Allison Tebo. You can read more about her amazing new book here. You can also view her aesthetics post here.

I am quite particular when it comes to aesthetics; you might say borderline PINTEREST perfect!! But hey, you gotta start somewhere…


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Beauty and the Beast, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, The Amazing Spiderman, Dumbo (in no particular order. Very diverse, I know!)

Food and Drink.

Elderflower cordial, Blackberry sorbet, Jam and scones, Garlic bread, Roast chicken, Strawberry milkshake.


Historical fiction and Fantasy…

Knife, Treasure Island, Black Heart of Jamaica, Secrets of the Wild Wood, Caddie Woodlawn.


Half-pony, Dutch braids, Loose bun, Fishtail half-pony, Dutch half-braids, Fishtail pony.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Summer aesthetics for this year. πŸ™‚ What are your favourite aesthetics, and what have YOU been up to in Summer 2019??

Tolkien’s Works: The Hobbit…or There and Back Again

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.
The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
The mold of your life is in your hands to break.

JRR Tolkien.

Tada!! πŸ™‚

I know. You thought I’d be writing a post about The Hobbit and here I am bragging about my centenary edition of Lord of the Rings.

I just had to show you this – come on, who isn’t up for a bit of Lord of the Rings-ishness! Don’t believe me?

*secretly gloating* It may be dusty and a little out-of-date, but I love it all the more for that and seriously, the COVERS. I don’t even need to describe…

The Fellowship of the Ring
The Return of the King
The Two Towers

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!!! Ahem, back on track. The Hobbit. My copy is a paperback that’s beginning to get a little worse for the wear, so I designed my own cover with my favourite quote on the back. Here it is for you to see (cos you know how much I like to brag)…


I love how Tolkien begins this wonderful little book with an explanation of the runes used…and I must say right now, before anyone says they hate prologues…

*how. dare. you.*

Well, I might find it hard to see eye-to-eye with them. Moving swiftly on, one of the best things about The Hobbit is the balance between nice and ugly, good and bad, sweet and horrible. We have orcs, we have trolls, we have Gollum, we have rain – but Tolkien skillfully weaves in happiness, sunlight, and generally: hobbits!! The peaceful, honest, Bilbo Baggins is very unpeacefully confronted with the thrill of adventure, and after the first chapter readers are left hanging as to what the quest will be, what will happen next, and if Bilbo will join the dwarves after all.

The descriptions of the Shire, Mirkwood, and all in between are tantalising, intriguing and mysterious, with different places and weather also appearing to convey the feelings of the characters at that time, and most of all, Bilbo; a clear sign to me, at least, that Tolkien was a very talented writer.Bilbo’s finding of The Ring is both triumphal, but also a little creepy, not least because he chances upon Gollum, who is pretty disgusting and hideous in and of himself (!).

However, I beleive his near addiction to The Ring, showcased more clearly in The Fellowship of the Ring, can be related to so well by us all. Don’t we often become attached or even addicted to things that started out good but became harmful?? Don’t we often struggle with selfishness, greed? Anyway, just a thought.

The Hobbits.

I love how this book makes me feel as though Tolkien has settled himslef down in a comfy chair and decided to teach us all a lesson. To me it feels as though the Hobbits represent something in me that I’ve faced at one time or another – comfort with life as is, shyness, unwillingness to step outside my routine or comfort zone. Sometimes, though, I see myself in other characters like Gollum (but I still really, REALLY detest him; he’s like, the creepiest creature out!), in his self-pitiness or greed. The fact is that Tolkien makes his characters relatable. That’s what I love about his work. (And let’s face it, no one likes Gollum. At all.)

Yup, just go on and say it to youself, there’s a good Gollum.

The hobbits are so easily lovable with their cute curly hair, neatness, thick soled feet, open generosity and strange little habits. It always greatly amused me as a kid when I read the lengthy descriptions of their many different meals, and the trouble poor Bilbo has trying to cater for all the dwarves, and Gandalf to boot. I mean LOOK at them… 😍

Pippin makes the good ole statement.
*Aragorn, internally*

So sorry, I am TRYING not to start a GIF war. Not doing a very good job, am I? You instantly fall for their simple lifestyle and beautiful dwellings, too..who wouldn’t want to live in a lovely, clean hobbit-hole? Sometimes I see little hillocks near our house on a moor, and I imagine that somewhere in there, some little Bagginses have their residence. πŸ™‚


Plus I love their pipes (not that I think smoking’s a goood idea, in fact, quite the opposite), but it always makes me laugh when Bilbo gets so proud of his smoking skills, and Gandalf merely says nothing and blows smoke-ships from his pie that sail right through the now less-proud hobbit’s smoke-rings. But yes. Hobbits have to be pretty high on my favourite character list (problem is, I can never decide my fave!!)


Gandalf is also high on my favourites list due to his mystery, magic and might. Though very old, this only adds to the sense of his wisdom and experience. Though sometimes irritated by the dwarves/Bilbo’s complaining or antics, Gandalf sticks with them through thick and thin, and knows exactly how to build their courage and character, often coming to their rescue but also letting them learn how to defend themselves. A very noble addition in Tolkien’s books, and definitely one of my favourites. πŸ™‚

The Elves.

You could say that there are less elves in The Hobbit than in Lord of the Rings, but that doesn’t at all stunt their grandeur and (generally, awesomeness!). I’ve always loved elves and everything elven, from about six years old; I still have numerous elf and faery stories from then tucked away in the attic, and my love for them has continued ever since.

The thing about elves is that they have an amazing element of mystery to them; a far more secretive and enchanting people than the hobbits. But then again, I love hobbits….oh, burn!! I can never decide!


So, The Hobbit? Awesome read, great characters, ever-changing plot. LOVE. IT. My rating: ***** or, for those who can’t read that πŸ™‚ 5 star. Now, if you’ve read the book/watched the moves, what are YOUR thoughts on it?