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Today I would like to focus your attention on a little review I did of another artists work, namely Victoria Crowe. Don’t worry, it’s not too long! I would love it if you could post your thoughts down below, but if not absolutely no pressure.

Let’s get on to the review, shall we?

review of an artist’s work>>Victoria Crowe, Beyond Likeness

For my review of another artist’s work, I went to Inverness Museum and Art Gallery to see the temporary exhibition, ‘Beyond Likeness’ by Victoria Crowe. There were about twenty paintings in the exhibit; my favourites were the artists paintings of the shepherdess, Jenny, ‘Group of Trees’, ‘Range and Semmit’ and sketches of the artist and her daughter. There were also more impressionistic works of her son and self-portraits in Italy, plus some interesting still-lifes and portraits of an author, and actor, a psychoanalyst, a musician, and Prince Charles. Most were oil on board/canvas, but some were watercolour.

                I loved the more muted tones in some of the pieces, where your attention was drawn to light and therefore the subject. In ‘Group of Trees’ for example, your focus is immediately caught by the person in the snow, then drawn up the crooked, dark limbs of the tree, which contrasts well with the white, snowy background. Though in the depths of winter, I personally found this a cheerful scene; you can almost pick out a smile on the walker’s face as they make their way through the snow, bundled up cosily in a hat and overcoat.

                I liked the variety of styles in Victoria Crowe’s work, ranging from impressionistic portraits to landscapes, to small, everyday details from normal life. Though the pieces were often very diverse, I liked the contrast and the artist’s talent in different areas.

                I was also very impressed by the sketches — the shading and shape of the eyes, nose and mouth of the subjects were both realistic and skillful. Her work also reflects her own impressions of her subjects — the background of the musicians’ portrait, for example, is taken up by a cluttered collection od sheet music, a small piano, and the paintings on the walls seem to depict previous composers: perhaps Bach or Mozart. The musician’s expression and countenance also give the impression of a serious, passionate composer, complimented by rather wild hair; Beethoven immediately came to my mind.

                The pyschoanalysts’ portrait was equally interesting; the subject had given up conventional cures for mental illness and embarked on his own search for a resolution. This was emphasised in the painting by the fact that his own book on his venture was in the side of the portait, signifying how he was a pioneer and didn’t rely on other’s information or knowledge. With a chin in his hand, he has a thoughtful expression, suited to his profession.

                I really enjoyed going round this exhibition, and cannot wait to see more in the future!

Here are some links to Victoria’s work, including one other painting from the exhibition and the ones I’ve mentioned today:


The musician
The Winter tree
The psychiatrist

Have a good week friends! Till next time.


5 thoughts on “an arts review//of another artist’s work

  1. Having read Abbie’s review it has prompted me to think about the places, thoughts and feelings that the artist had whilst creating these paintings. Abbie has writing in great detail her own thoughts all of which I can see when looking at the pictures too. Abbie can see and feel elements which some may not, for example, having the feeling of happiness in the winter painting. When looking at this particular painting I could acknowledge this too. Overall, Abbie’s review has made me appreciate Victoria Crowd:s paintings especially the portraits as it has made me think about what is going on in the lives of those being painted at that particular moment in their lives. A very good review Abbie!


  2. Abbie , your review for a 16 year old is very mature. I was ‘gobsmacked’ with your comments re The Musician and
    The Winters Tree. I liked your concise comments on the artists variation and depth of work; and how she interpreted the individuals through her paintings.
    Well done !!


  3. Wow, Abbie, you have such a great way of linking the skill and insight of the artist with the depiction of the mood or feelings conveyed by the piece. I loved reading your interpretation of Victoria Crowd’s exhibition and I hope someday we can visit an art exhibition together, so I can hear your thoughts on the paintings. I agree with your comments on the skill involved in the artist’s impression of the facial features in the portraits, so precise. Thank-you for sharing this review with us.


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