2 thoughts on “8 things I’ve learned so far in quarantine

  1. I love this post! It’s totally accurate, I’m learning all kinds of things I wouldn’t have imagined during quarantine too.

    I understand what you mean about appreciating friends more. Some of my friends are already making tons of plan for what we’ll do together post-lockdown. Maybe after this we won’t take so much for granted the ability to hang out with friends whenever we can fit it into our schedules! I know I took it for granted before.

    I hope your poor fingers are surviving guitar torture. I’ve never tried it personally, but those hard little strings look nasty enough to cause some mean blisters.

    That’s amazing that you’re going to start a YouTube channel: I’m so proud of you! I know you have something to teach other artists. I can’t wait to hear and try some of your tricks and tips.

    Yup, old books are the best! I mean new books are great too, but when I want something solidly amazing I turn to the ancient, dusty tomes that have been glaring at me from my to-read stack for the last three years…

    (Also these GIFS are just spot on especially the unquenched flames of malice🤣)


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