6 weird things about me that you probably didn’t know (or want to)

Let’s face it, fam-bam. People are just, well…weird.



And though we rarely care to admit it (who wants to in this sort of “perfect society”), it is true. All of it. So I’m taking this weeks post to jot down a few things about me that are weird. Though of course, not TOO weird….right?

But then again…

Onward we will go and find out weirder things than you even thought possible – please feel free to comment below on your own weirdnesses, I’d love to know! Though not too weird. A little weird is okay, but not TOO weird…y’know?

clothes are too short

Now I don’t know if I’ve ever said this before on my blog, but I’m tall – like REALLY tall. I mean, not so tall that my head bounces off every ceiling or somethin…but tall enough that it can makes things a bit awkward.

Especially in t-shirts.

I’m not tiny but I’m at that stage where the top that fits well IS tiny – in the length sorta way. And that can make things difficult, like reaching for things:

Or bending down:

And then (the ultimate):


*literally everyone – including me*

Now it may seem like such a small thing, but as a side note also getting massive shoe sizes and jeans being way too short is actually a big deal for tall people. Sure it’s great if you want to be a basketball champion if that is your ultimate goal in life, but it really does set us apart. And the annoyances don’t stop there.

High heels can be so awkward when you’re tall; I already feel like I’m looking down way too far to look people in the eye but with heels – with heels..

#my ultimate awkward nightmare : if your boyfriend was shorter than you

Heels do what they, well, do: they raise you about 4 inches off the floor! For someone who is already tall, that is what I call the definiton of awkward (and another weird thing about me).

most youtube hacks fail. miserably.

I don’t know if I’m the first person to have ever actually discovered this but using nail polish as LIP STICK or EYE SHADOW is not.

Just not.

Because it’s….not.

Thanks Father YouTube.

I’ll leave it to all you smart people out there to figure out WHY this could possibly be a bad idea.

Another few YouTube gems are: using a cheap razor to remove pills from your clothes – which creates holes, spilling coffee on a t shirt and then drawing the bahamas on it to “cover it up”, putting a wet wipe on top of a hair brush to remove hair after brushing, or using permanent markers to die your hair.

Has anyone noticed yet how insanely stupid these are?


And don’t even get me STARTED on the hack-where-you-tie-your-hair-in-a-bun-on-the-front-of-your-head-before-bed-and-wake-up-to-“perfect”-hair?!

*Me in the morning – minus the maniacal smile*
*Also me*

So please, for the love of sanity, don’t trust every life hack on YouTube, ‘kay? It will only lead you to feel worse (though there ARE some hacks out there worth it, please proceed with caution and actually use your brain to discern which ones are legit).

i hate pineapple.

This is sort of self explanatory – it’s sticky, it’s icky, and it’s gross. I just don’t love it all that much, ma dudes.

*every one of my senses when the pineapple bops in*

dermot kennedy and justin timberlake look the same

They just do, kay? It’s not that difficult to determine even if they are completely different in singing areas..

They’re all singers, what’s the difference?

(Well of course, there IS a difference; you get singers that make you feel so good and others who completely stamp all your hopes and dreams and fears into the dust with a rubbish attempt at “art”. I almost typed ferraris there – though perhaps that’s included in hopes and dreams. )

Has anyone else seen this and thought the same thing? Like, really? They both have little hair and beards and likle wearing hoodies – perhaps they’re really the same guy, just trying to come off as two for the extra dough. AHHHHHH, that would make sense!

(Pay no attention to my conspiracy theories)

i am not a jane austen fan

Probably everyone knows this fact by now, but Janey and I just don’t see eye to eye. And yes, that rhymes. But back to the point: I am not into very “serious” romances, which is probably – no, definitely – why Emma is the only book by this gal that ever held my interest due to its comedy content. And when I mean “serious” I mean it’s “the-main-feature-of-this-freakin-book-romance”. I just don’t like over-romantic books, that’s all, enough is enough and I think that Jane Austen would actually seem pretty tame compared to some romances I’ve read; but still. You probably don’t want to know what THEY are like. They are definitely cray-zay.

electric razors are trash

Also the tiny little plastic ones. They are not worth your time, or your money…or your once-perfect skin either.

*to all those who think “I can just try it once more, maybe it won’t cut me this time”*

And there you have it, m’dears! Six weird things about me – ready to share your own weirdnesses?


2 thoughts on “6 weird things about me that you probably didn’t know (or want to)

  1. – I’m an American but I can’t stand coffee, and instead I’m turning into an extreme tea snob (If it’s not loose leaf it’s not worth drinking and don’t your dare steep green tea in boiling water.)
    – I wish I were a hobbit because then I’d never have to buy shoes again. I hate shoe shopping.
    – My favorite authors are dead.
    – People my own age bore me to death, but Shakespeare entertains me.
    – Clear, sunny days annoy me because they’re obnoxiously cheerful.
    – I like math… but I also like language and literature. (Aren’t people supposed to like one or the other?!)
    – I’m horribly indecisive.
    – I don’t believe in “normal”: It’s a figment of the imagination!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha well you’d find I actually love coffee but hate tea – except several herbal kinds
      I love shoes lol
      Same, girl. So are my favourite movie and book characters (though not in reality, just the story 😉 )
      Gotta agree there.
      WHAAAAAT??!! I love the sun – being from Scotland makes it so much more precious to me.
      I love literature and language but not maths at ALL rofl
      Same here my friend
      Totally agree

      What do you think is THE WEIRDEST thing about you?
      (Within reason, of course)

      Mine is probably that I would love to be in Maze Runner but I hate the idea of testing people and I’m not good at long distance running. I think. Well, I’ve never tried it before, there ya go.


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